Center for Infectious Disease and Vector Research

The Center for Infectious Disease Vector Research (CIDVR), established in 2005 by Entomologist and Biochemist Alexander Raikhel as part of the UCR Institute for Integrative Genome Biology (IIGB), incorporates the most rapidly developing areas of biological research, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolic, bioinformatics and systems-based approaches, into infectious disease and vector biology. 


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Our Mission


The mission of the Center for Disease and Vector Research is to develop and implement technologies that will alleviate the medical and economic burden exacted by infectious diseases and vector-borne diseases in humans and plants. The Center achieves this through cross-disciplinary research by combining expertise in molecular biology, nanotechnology, gene silencing and the genomics-based sciences with expertise in insect pest control. Our goal is to provide practical solutions within therapeutic and economic time frames.



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