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MICROSCOPY: Zeiss 510 workshop Thursday Oct 13 9am-noon

Thursday, October 13, 2016
9 a.m.Noon


Keen Hall
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With so many new labs on Campus, the Microscopy Core Facility has organized a couple of instrument demos to help you see what is new from Leica and Keyence.


Leica will be here with their collection of stereo microscopes and cameras on the following Monday, from 10am to 3pm; again in Keen Hall room 1007. Refreshments will be provided.


Keyence will then come in with their new BZ-X700 all-in-one compound microscope which does now support water immersion objectives.  It does routine histology imaging, fluorescence, tiling, extended depth imaging, cell counting, climate control.  It even has a structured light system similar to the Zeiss Apotome, but with adjustable 1D and 2D patterns for confocal-like sectioning.  They will be with us all day from 9am to train us, then will leave the system for at least a week, so you have plenty of time to run samples.



In other microscopy news:

The old Zeiss 510 will be traded in when the new 880Airyscan Fast is built out, but meanwhile there are a few potential new users.  Therefore we will be holding a Zeiss 510 workshop on Thursday October 13th in Keen Hall 1007 from 9am to about noon.


The BioRad gene gun has been moved down to Keen 1005.  Please sign up before you use it, or notify dcarter@ucr.edu within 24 hours after use.  If booking and billing records are not accurate, it may look like the instrument is seldom used, which will make it a lower priority for upkeep and repair.


The old Leica SP2 is still having startup problems, which a new power supply did not fix.  When it starts up, it runs fine, but it is sometimes giving a “Cannot find SCSI Communicaiton” error and failing to start the hardware.  if you booked the instrument and it gave you trouble, please let Dr. Carter know.


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