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SP5 session June 16, 9am-noon

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
9 a.m.Noon


Keen Hall
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Still a few users want training on the SP5 so I'm doing another session Tuesday Morning, June 16 in Keen Hall 1007, starting at 9am.  Please contact dcarter@ucr.edu to reserve a space.  Please also spread the word about this workshop, so everyone who still wants to be trained will be able to attend.


In other news, the Zeiss 510 is still down.  It turns out to be a very expensive repair; over $25k, but this instrument is #2 in popularity so it will be done as soon as I can schedule it with Zeiss.  The Leica SP8 MP demo wrapped up yesterday and was quite successful.  The prototype Pathway HT system will not be returned to that room, since it isn't used any more.  A Sorvall JB4 microtome was acquired for the core from Darleen DeMason.  It needs a bit of work but will be a finer instrument than the Hacker for cutting plastic sections when its done, and the Hacker can then be reserved for wax only work.






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