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Free Leica Inverted SP5 training

Thursday, May 21, 2015
9 a.m.Noon


Keen Hall
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The next Leica SP5 confocal training is tomorrow, May 21 9am to noon .  Please reply to dcarter@ucr.edu if you plan to attend.


In other news:

The computer for the Nikon camera and enlarger stand is out for repair, but the camera can still be used to take pictures. 


The Zeiss 510 confocal still has issues with sensitivity in channel two.  If you are able to use the other channels, it should still work fine.  Parts are on order. 


A demo Leica multiphoton system is being installed in the Pathway lab for a 2-week demo.  The Pathway system itself is still available for use, but be aware the room may have to be dark for MP imaging.


A demo computer with Huygens deconvolution software is here on loan from Leica.  Please contact dcarter if you are interested in evaluating this software for possible purchase by the core.


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