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Microscopy: Free Leica SP5 training

Tuesday, February 17, 2015
14 p.m.


Keen Hall
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Dear microscopists,


There will be a free training session on the Leica Inverted SP5 confocal system this Tuesday afternoon February 17th in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm.  Please contact dcarter@ucr.edu to reserve space.


On Thursday, I will be going to evaluate an SP8 confocal at Cal Poly, to see how well its time gated HyD detectors work for FLIM-FRET applications.  If anyone is interested in time resolved imaging and have samples I can take, please let me know, and leave them in the hallway growth chamber (outside Proteomics) by Wednesday 3pm.


In other news, the dim Argon laser on the Zeiss 510 has been replaced.  A bad fiber on the Yokogawa was replaced and realigned, and the lazy pinhole on the SP5 has been replaced.  Any other microscopy issues, please bring them to my attention.


Many thanks,




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