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Free Zeiss 510 Training in the Morning

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
810 a.m.


Keen Hall
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There is still room at our Zeiss 510 training session this Wednesday, so please contact dcarter@ucr.edu to reserve a space.


we have a couple of Leica lenses in to evaluate if anyone wants to try them on the SP2.  A 20x/0.4 dry objective and a 10x/0.4 dry objective.  The 10x should be as bright and sharp as the current 10x water which is rarely used, and has over a thousand microns of working distance.  The 20x is similar to the Zeiss 20x we have been using for insect work.


The scanning electron microscope was borrowed for Plant Day on Friday and is now back and ready to use.  We have a critical point dryer for more traditional sample prep, which isn't usually needed for this system.





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