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CEPCEB Seminars BPSC 252

Roger Hangarter

Friday, March 22, 2013
Noon1 p.m.


Genomics Building , Genomics Auditorium RM 1102A
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Roger Hangarter
Indiana University
Department of Biology


"Regulation of light-dependent chloroplast movements in leaf cells"

Light-dependent chloroplast movements function to optimize light absorption in photosynthetic cells. Under high light intensity chloroplasts migrate to the anticlinal sides of leaf cells and in low light the chloroplast migrate to the periclinal sides. This repositioning of chloroplasts is stimulated by the plasma membrane-associated phototropin photoreceptors. The chloroplast movements are driven by actin re-organization at the plasma membrane. Results to be presented show how the chloroplast movements affect the optical properties of leaves. In addition, data will be presented showing that bundling of actin filaments at the plasma membrane plays a role in moving chloroplasts in response to activation of the phototropin photoreceptors. The light-dependent actin bundling appears to function in dynamically remodeling actin filament arrays nucleating from the chloroplast outer envelope.

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