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Free Lieca Inverted SP5 and upright SP2 training Thursday afternoon, 1pm to 4pm

Thursday, May 8, 2014
14 p.m.


Keen Hall , 1007
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Two more workshops on the Leica Confocals still have room.  Please contact dcarter@ucr.edu to reserve space.


Leica Inverted SP5, our most popular instrument, 1pm to 4pm Tuesday May 6, in Keen Hall room 1007


Leica Upright SP2, 1pm to 4pm Thursday May 8, in Keen Hall room 1007.


If anyone would like scanning electron microscopy training, including how to use the new critical point dryer, I'd be happy to schedule that for next week.


Note to SP5 users, there have been problems booting up the software and getting error messages, especially not finding the security key or the microscope itself.  This may be caused by voltage drop on the USB ciccuit and can be prevented by running the control panel knobs at a lower brightness. 


If you have trouble with an instrument, let David know.  If you randomly move a bunch of settings, it will be harder to figure out what is wrong and get the system running again.  This morning, the SP5 was running in simulator mode and ignoring the hardware.  Also the telescope was in place, preventing eyepiece observation of the sample.  The transmission detector is not turning on from the main controls, but will still activate if you apply settings from an old image.   That one I haven't found to fix yet but will work on it tomorrow morning.

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