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Free Leica SP2 Training this Thursday Morning, 9am to Noon

Thursday, April 24, 2014
9 a.m.Noon


Keen Hall , 1007
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By popular request there will be another Leica SP2 confocal training session this Thursday April 24 from 9am to about noon in Keen Hall 1007.  Please contact dcarter@ucr.edu to reserve a space, which is limited to 10 trainees.


The Leica Inverted SP5 is getting a lot of use lately, so some of you might want to cross-train on this older but otherwise similar instrument.


Note that the 20x/0.7NA lens on that upright system is back on and working nicely, but the UV laser is very weak and hardly useful.  All other lasers are fine. 


If you have a lot of samples to look at, we do have a Pathway HT high content screening system which can handle 100 samples an hour.  If you need higher than optical resolution we also have an environmental SEM which is very easy to use, and can handle fresh samples as well as frozen, and now we have a critical point dryer for traditional preparation of fixed and ethanol dehydrated samples.

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