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Single Molecule, Real-Time DNA Sequencing

Alex Hutcheson, Pacific Biosciences

Thursday, March 28, 2013
1011 a.m.


Genomics Building , 1102A Genomics Auditorium
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Dear IIGB Members,

DNA sequencing technologies are advancing very quickly. Current approaches are improving rapidly with new technologies on the horizon. IIGB is sponsoring with Pacific Biosciences an informational seminar on PacBio single molecule sequencing. If you are familiar with the PacBio RS technology, then learn about recent significant improvements. If this is new to you, then come and learn about the technology.    

 Coffee and snacks will be provided.  All are welcome, please register at: gencore@ucr.edu

 Single Molecule, Real-Time DNA Sequencing

Pacific Biosciences will present a seminar on the latest in PacBio technology for single molecule, real-time DNA sequencing, including data and case studies in key application areas.  The PacBio RS is a high resolution genetic analyzer that provides extremely long read lengths and base modification detection for superior genome characterization and assembly.


Seminar will include:           

  • SMRT Sequencing performance upgrades and current capabilities
  • How to improve assemblies and finish genomes using extra-long reads
  • How to use the unique performance characteristics of SMRT® Sequencing to span difficult regions and comprehensively characterize genomic variation
Examples will include rapid and complete assembly of bacterial genomes and methylomes, gap-filling and hybrid assembly of large genomes, repeat expansion analysis, and haplotype phasing

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